Loop pile

Loop pile carpets have a grain structure. Adventages of this type of weaving is in its strength and resistance. This type of carpet is also the thinnest kind of carpet in our offer.

The thickness varies from 7mm to 20mm. There are design limitations for this type of weaving, because the lines are not as clear as with a flat carpets. The weight of the pail heights varies from the carpet thickness and ranges from 1.5 kg / 1m² to 2.5 kg / 1 m².

Loop pile carpet characteristics:

Texture: 100% Wool
Primary canvas: Polyester
Secondary canvas: 100% cotton
No. of knots / m²: 60,000 - 80,000
Pail height: 7 mm to 20 mm
Pail weight / m² weight: 1.5 kg - 2.5 kg
Total weight / m²: 2.5 kg - 3.5 kg