About us

Our roots date back to the time when Latif Gorana worked in a former carpet factory in Vladimir. In ‘96th, Latif decided to start his own business and brought to life what’s today called Credo company, which has been successfully led from 2010. as a private business of Gorana’s family.

Today, we’re proud to say that Credo is making art out of craft. Our custom made carpets fit many homes now, not only in this region but worldwide (America, Australia, Africa and Europe). Following the global trends, Credo recently started offering embossed carpets with different pile heights and various weaving applications.

Our broad carpet offer is consisted of products in various heights pail heights from 12mm to 45mm, different textures (cut pile, shaggy, loop pile and combined) and different shapes. Many exclusive commercial premises and residential premises are equipped with Credo’s carpets, contributing with both - functionality and aesthetics.

  • Production of carpets and other floor coverings in more than 200 colors
  • Production of carpets, consisting of 80% of the certified wool from New Zealand
  • Usage of only natural materials: cotton fabric, wool
  • Producing all types of carpets: cut pile, loop pile, shaggy, embossed, 3D, etc.
  • Credo products are easy to maintain, with a lifetime warranty and they are not flammable