Raw materials

It is important what you’re buying

High quality raw materials give a softer, more luxurious feel in both private and business environment.


Be your own designer

We give you the ability to choose your own design, color, dimensions as well as to set up a delivery time.

New-zealand wool

Natural fiber-rich material

Wool carpets are distinguished by high elasticity, great softness, microclimate control, flame resistance and they are excellent heat insulator.


From 2010, Credo has placed great emphasis on quality, service and reliability of its products and customer service and continues efforts towards overcoming standards.

To make the purchase easier, we are glad to advise our customers on carpets that will fit in most modern as well as classic designed living space.

Combining design with modern technology, we deliver long-lasting carpets that meet the highest standards of quality.

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Many thanks to Credo company, which in a short time and with great professionalism manufactured carpets for our offices. Although we had specific request, Credo’s skilled staff exceeded our expectations. Whether you’re furnishing your home or office, Credo is what we highly recommend in all situations.

Bild studio

Credo have done a wonderful job. We knew in our minds how our carpet should look like, simply didn't know to draw it. When we came to Credo, we just watched designers putting our idea on the paper and later on on fabric. Above all, the quality of the product is what makes them first and only choice.


Incredibly fast manufacture and high quality carpets. As Credo’s recommendation, we chose New Zealand wool which is for us, a family with two kids and the most convenient material. Even at the first look, you can notice its softness and sophistication. Feeling the wool under your feet, it’s the experience for itself. Most importantly, it has anti-allergic properties and long term warranty.